Fix Films are a filmmaking collective consisting of dynamic duo Paul Laight and Gary O’Brien. Since 2005 they have been involved in the creation of many, many short films and promos.

They self-produce, write, direct, edit and score their own films to a very high standard despite the low budgets. They are true independent filmmakers.

This is their website. Enjoy.

Paul & Gary


February 2017: Chance Encounter – A Star Trek Fan Film Gets Released
March 3, 2017

Paul and Gary are pleased to announce the official release of Chance Encounter: A Star Trek Fan Film.

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December 2016: Post Production for Chance Encounters gets underway
December 27, 2016

Post-production for Fix Films' latest short film Chance Encounter is well under way and the film nears completion.

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November 2016: Gary wins a trip to LA and Paramount Studios
November 22, 2016

Gary wins a trip to LA and Paramount Studios in a Manpower Competition and is announced as Ultimate Trekker!

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October 2016 : Six more comedy songs written
October 20, 2016

Paul writes six more comedy songs including House Of The Rising Scum, Puppet Song and more...

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September 2016: Trailer launched for Chance Encounter
September 11, 2016

Paul and Gary have launched the website and trailer for their new film Chance Encounter.Check it out here...

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August 2016: Come and see some location photos from our latest film Chance Encounter
August 13, 2016

Paul and Co. managed to get a few location photos from their recent Chance Encounter filming. Check them out here.

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